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July 21 2011

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Researchers Uncover New Moon Close to Pluto!

Pluto might be a whole lot scaled-down than Earth - however it has four moons! According to MSNBC, astronomers have found out a fourth moon circling the planet. It’s been temporarly named P4, and is also almost certainly the smallest of Pluto’s moons at just eight to 21 miles (13 to 34 kilometers) in diameter.

July 20 2011


Rupert Murdoch Gets Pie while in the Confront!

I don’t believe everyone expected the newest improvement in the Information Corp hacking scandal to become a pie in Rupert Murdoch’s face - but that is exactly what occurred this early morning! According to your Hollywood Reporter, Murdoch was showing prior to the Way of life Media and Activity Pick Committee in Parliament when comedian Jonnie Marbles threw a pie at his deal with. Ahead of security could reply, Rupert’s wife Wendi Deng Murdoch jumped up threw the pie correct back again at him. That is loyalty! Twenty minutes afterwards, the listening to resumed - without having any spectators or press. Click right here to watch the video clip of all of it going down!

July 19 2011


Silver and Gold!

Now's the time to get hold of some gold and silver! According to Forbes, silver and gold costs have hit a new high amid debt issues in both the U.S. And Europe. If you could simply discover the valuable metals and did not have to purchase them, right?? 


Harry Potter Withdrawal and Enchanting Games!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II is out in theaters, announcing the end of the film series. It had been a glorious, gratifying and emotional end to the beloved story. I admit that I cried! Did you see the film? Let us know what you presumed in the comments! 


Carmageddon and LA Traffic Chaos!

Save us, Bruce Willis! In L. A. today, an apocalyptical vacation called Carmaggedon starts at five pm PST. A comparatively short but highly traveled section of the 405 Carriageway will be closed down for repairs, prompting Angelenos to lose it about the disaster movie-esque traffic blockages it'll cause. Will each other county road be influenced? Is it even safe to leave our homes?? How do we go out and see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2??? 

February 01 2011

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