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Chinese Couple Sells Their Young children to Pay for Gaming Addiction

We enjoy gaming - nonetheless it ought to in no way end in this horrifying tale noted by ABC information radio: a Chinese couple offered all 3 of their children to pay for their gaming addiction.

According to Sanxiang Town News, the man and girl (both beneath nevertheless 21) met in a web cafe back in 2007 and swiftly bonded, since they ended up each obsessed with on the internet video video games. In 2008 they had a child boy, whom they left residence by yourself prior to traveling 30 km into a cafe to perform game titles. A yr later, the couple had a infant lady, whom they offered for RMB 3,000 (lower than $500). Then they marketed their firstborn for RMB 30,000, or about $4600. Later on they had a 2nd boy, whom additionally they sold (for RMB 30,000).

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