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Have you ever Tried using Scarab Solitaire?

Scarab Solitaire is one of MindJolt’s a lot of variations within the traditional solo card game - and it’s addicting! It is difficult to play, but simple to understand, so give it a consider!

The object with the sport is always to uncover each of the cards and carry them down to your piles down below, at some point bringing down the a few blue Scarab cards on the best of each Pyramid. To provide a card down, it should be one particular card far from the card in your draw pile in the bottom. So should you have a very Q on the bottom, you can only provide down a K or a J. Aces can be utilised as each 1 and 14. If no cards are a single away from your draw card, you should click the deck to draw a fresh card. In case you run outside of cards prior to obtaining towards the Scarab cards, the sport is above. See if you can defeat the game inside the fewest range of moves!

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